About S-Ka-Paid

    Rob Parker a.k.a. "S-Ka-Paid" is the founder/owner of B.A.M. Records, a part of Madchild's Battleaxe Warriors, a member of PaceWon's TeamWon Inc. and an artist for the upcoming hip-hop group "The Henchmen". His music makes a solid connection between the poetic art of hip-hop, talent of multi-syllable rhyming and the Canadian urban lifestyle.

    His hard work and dedication has allowed him to work with some of the biggest artists in the game including MadChild, Prevail, PaceWon, Slaughter Rico, Raekwon, Ill Bill, J.R. Writer, J-Hood, Moka Only, Apathy, Sese, Merkules, Hopsin and Funk Volume. S-Ka-Paid's beats have been used by artists including Prevail, PaceWon, MadChild, Slaughter Rico and tons more.

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