About S-Ka-Paid

    Rob Parker a.k.a. "S-Ka-Paid" is a hip-hop artist, producer and engineer from Peterborough, Ontario Canada. He is an artist at PaceWon's "Team Won Inc.", captain of the "#ShadyCorps", a contributing part of Madchild's "Battleaxe Warriors" (#3158), Young Stitch's "Sentral Soldiers Entertainment", group "The Henchmen" and he is also the founder/owner of "B.A.M. Records".

    His hard work and dedication has allowed him to work with some of the most influential artists in the rap game including MadChild, Pacewon, Raekwon, Ill Bill, J.R. Writer, J-Hood, Moka Only, Prevail, Slaughter Rico, Apathy, Funk Volume, Sese, Zaze, HomeBwoi and tons of other underground artists. Support His Newest Upcoming Album Here.

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